Book Review

Those other women

Nicola Moriarty

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Which side will you chose?

The Moriarty sisters have a knack for relatable, gritty plots that pull you in from the very beginning. 

After Poppy’s husband and her best friend come clean about an affair they’ve been having – and their intention to continue their relationship – Poppy is lost, preparing to start her life again.

She meets fiery Annalise, and together they start a Facebook group for women who don’t want children. This spurs a conflict between non-mums and an online mum’s group, but one of their members is not who she is pretending to be and the conflict escalates into real life cafes and shopping centres.

The different perspectives of the two groups and the insecurities that lead to aggressively defending each group’s position is addictive, as you begin to empathise with both sides, regardless of which side you relate more to.

A great read for a book group, opening up conversation about taboo topics that this book isn’t shy about addressing.