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All Our Secrets


by Jennifer Lane Clan Destine Press (2018) A four mug read Excerpt .. one hot December morning, I wandered into the kitchen, still rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, to discover that my world had been turned upside down… […]

Sleep, CL Taylor – Review


We’re giving Sleep 4 mugs Excerpt …   ‘The following people came to Rum for a walking tour.. I am pretty sure one of them killed me ..’  What is Sleep about?    Anna Willis is plagued by guilt, blaming herself for an accident in […]

The Confession


by Jo Spain    A Book Reviewery review of The Confession    We’re rating The Confession 4 mugs.  Worth a read.  Excerpt  ‘… Harry turned to me, completely bewildered. Then my husband stood up, his body faster than his brain, a mammal reacting to this peculiar invasion of our space. His […]

Pieces of Her Review


Pieces of her by Karin Slaughter. .5  We’re rating Pieces of Her 3.5 mugs.  A solid read.  Excerpt  ‘ …Andy’s head slammed into the window as she was tackled to the ground. She felt the rush of air from her mother’s mouth […]

Pretty Ugly Lies


by Pamela Crane A Book Reviewery review of Pretty Ugly Lies  .5 We’re rating Pretty Ugly Lies 3.5 mugs. Worth a read. Excerpt …’All these beautiful things I’d spent a lifetime accumulating, putting into just the right place, tending to with dust […]



by T.M. Logan 4 mugs – yep, we were up all night to find out what happened! Excerpt ‘She was with someone. a man, talking in animated fashion. Something made me stop. I knew the guy she was talking to…’ […]

It ends with her


by Brianna Labuskes  … and a half! So that’s three mugs, and a piccolo. It’s 3.5 mugs from the Book Reviewery. Can you hear the ceramic clinking of cheers? Excerpt ‘It had been more than a year since the bastard […]

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An Unwanted Guest


by Shari Lapena It’s 4 mugs of brewed, caffeinated goodness from the Book Reviewery – you’ll want to keep reading An Unwanted Guest to find out what happens. Excerpt ‘Finally, she slips uneasily towards sleep. As she drifts off, she […]

Bring Me Back


B. A. Paris  The book Reviewery gives 5 mugs – you’ll be up all night reading. Excerpt ‘It must have been only a couple of minutes before I began to worry. It didn’t feel right that she hadn’t appeared yet….’ What […]

The Killing Type


Jane Corry   Excerpt ‘I need to talk to you. It’s about Simon.’    What is ‘The killing type’ about  This breakneck short story draws you into the lives of Danielle and Suzie, who – despite being sisters – are not close. Susie is […]

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