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The Darkest Web

The message at the top had an all-caps subject line: MAY NEED CRIMINAL REPRESENTAITON…  

‘The Darkest Web’ -Kristin Wright

A legal thriller that explores old friendships and hidden motives 

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Legal thriller 



TRIGGER WARNINGS: Child abuse (physical and sexual).  

What is The Darkest Web about? 

When Lawyer, Allison Barton’s college roommate, Jane Knudsen, calls her up asking for legal representation Allison is surprised. Despite being roommates, the two weren’t particularly close. Allison felt like she barely knew Jane in college, and curiosity gets the better of her. Allison soon finds out that beautiful, smart—but intensely private—Jane has been accused of murdering her boss.  

Will Allison be able to prove Jane’s innocence, or will this be the case she loses?  

What did The Book Reviewery think of The Darkest Web? 

This is a good read for legal thriller fans who enjoy friendship dynamics and the day-to-day legal details of being a lawyer. Jane and Allison’s past friendship is revealed as the case progresses, and Allison needs more information to represent Jane. The story was well plotted with an engaging writing style. Really enjoyed the legal detail scattered throughout the book, which made the story immersive. The main character was a little too jealous which wasn’t the most likable character flaw, but overall, the characterization was good, and the main character had other redeeming qualities.   

For fans of: 

Legal thrillers, Michael Connelly, John Grisham