by Carolie Overington

3.5 mug rating
The Book Reviewery is rating The Ones You Trust by Caroline Overington 3.5 mugs.


Kids get lost in shopping centres all the time, which maybe explains why nobody was all that worried when they saw a small child standing alone…’ 

What is The Ones You Trust  about?  

Successful talk show host, Emma Cardwell, is juggling pressure at work as viewership declines, and her role as mother of three children. She gets a horrible surprise one day when she comes home from work to find her husband, Brandon, forgot to pick up their toddler, Fox-Piper, from daycare.  

When Emma turns to the daycare centre, they confirm that someone collected the little girl – assuming it was one of Emma’s staff, but no one seems to recognise the grainy figure with Fox-Piper in the CCTV footage. 

As Emma struggles to figure out what happened to her daughter, cracks she has tried to ignore spidering their way into her life begin to widen, and she is forced to deal with the truth, including her increasingly distant relationship with her husband, and a secret she has held for years if she is to find her little girl.  

This book ultimately asks how the lies we tell ourselves keep us from the truth. 

Who will like The Ones You Trust?  

Fans of women’s suspense fiction that explore family themes and work/life balance are likely to enjoy The Ones You Trust. This read reminded me of Those Other Women in both theme, and writing style.  

What did The Book Reviewery think of The Ones You Trust?  

A solid 3.5 star read. The depth of Emma’s life and her relationship with those around her drives this story. As Emma begins her search for Fox-Piper, you are taken on the journey with her. Emma had an array of people around her, from her family to her colleagues at Cuppa, her own personal staff, and extended family, all of whom became more important when Fox-Piper disappears.     
This dynamic made for a suspenseful read, showing the complexity of Emma’s interactions with those around her as you start to realise someone Emma knows could have kidnapped her daughter.

Suggested book club questions for The Ones You Trust? 

Qu- What did you like about The Ones You Trust? 

Qu- What didn’t you like about The Ones You Trust? 

Qu- What do you think the main theme(s) are? Discuss. 

Qu- If you had to sum The Ones You Trust up in three words, what would they be? 

Qu- Would you/ have you read other books from Caroline Overington 

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