Book Review

The Maid

by Nita Prose


‘No one is too high or too low for common courtesy.’ -The Maid  


What’s ‘The Maid’ about? 

25-year-old Molly Maid, is struggling with the recent loss of her closest relative, her gran. Without her gran to help her with social cues, Molly struggles to understand social context and expectations as she navigates a transitional phase in her life where she feels alone.   

The story begins with a suspicious death of a prominent business man in the hotel that Molly works in as a maid, and Molly soon becomes a suspect in the developing case.  

Set mainly in the hotel in which Molly works, The Maid follows Molly’s daily life as a maid as she cleans for the guests there. Her cleaning schedule is focused on in great detail due to the character POV, Molly’s love of cleaning, and the pride she takes in her work. Molly’s story is told from an interesting perspective. 

The main themes in this book (without giving any spoilers) are friendship and class, especially as it relates to treatment Molly receives as a result of being a maid. 


I really enjoyed the character interactions in this book and Molly’s sincerity, especially regarding her love for her gran. The crime unraveled in an interesting sequence of events that saw Molly caught up in the middle of something she didn’t seem to quite comprehend at first.  

I wasn’t so keen on the resolution of Molly’s social difficulties, which felt a little like she had to learn to behave differently which didn’t feel realistic, given that her perspective was just a little different to others.  

Nita Prose’s writing style is engaging, and moved the story well.  

Who’ll like The Maid?

The Maid by Nita Prose is a great read for fans of cozy mysteries. For me, the biggest strength of this book was the array of character’s and each one’s unique relationship with Molly, but you’ll keep reading to find out where things end up for Molly.