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Book Review

The Fear

C. L. Taylor

What would you do to protect someone who was innocent?


Lou made a mistake when she was fourteen, and it broke her heart and compromised her safety. Now a woman, Lou knows that the man she thought loved her may have been grooming her. She suspects he is doing the same thing to another girl, and she will need to find out for sure and decide how far she would go to stop it.

This book is a compulsive read, as CL Taylor takes the reader deep into the story and keeps you waiting around every corner to find out what Lou will do, and how it will affect her life as she increasingly risks her relationships, her job, and her reputation.

Not just an account of abuse, but the long-term repercussions and the impact it can have on a survivor’s life long after the event.

WARNING: If you have experienced sexual abuse, this book may be a trigger.