We’re giving Sleep 4 mugs

Excerpt …  

‘The following people came to Rum for a walking tour.. I am pretty sure one of them killed me ..’ 

What is Sleep about?   

Anna Willis is plagued by guilt, blaming herself for an accident in the past, where she was behind the wheel, and someone agrees, sending her strange messages to stop her from moving on, stop her from forgetting what happened. 

To try and get her life back on track, Anna moves to Rum, taking a position in a remote hotel to learn to forgive herself, to finally be able to have a peaceful night’s sleep.  

When the seven guests arrive, Anna thinks she will be busy tending to their needs, but each guest comes with their own baggage, just like Anna.  

When Anna begins getting strange messages from someone on Rum, she realise’s that someone from her past is with her in the hotel – she just has to figure out which of the guests is pretending to be someone else.  

One of the guests knows what Anna did, and they think she should sleep too. Forever. 

Who will like Sleep?   

Sleep is a psychological thriller that will be most enjoyed by fans of authors such as Shari Lapena and B. A. Paris, and Jo Spain. 

What did The Book Reviewery think of Sleep?   

Sleep is a great play on a waking nightmare, as Anna struggles to escape a past that has her feeling trapped with guilt. This book touched upon deeper themes of how culpable a crime is in relation to its surrounding factors. Sleep drew other characters from the aftermath of an accident and showed how each of their lives were impacted by one moment, which drove the story to a solid four stars.

Suggested book club questions for Sleep?  

  1. What do you think the key theme in Sleep is?
  2. Did Anna handle the accident well, or was she running away from it?
  3. Who do you think was sending Anna the menacing messages? Why?
  4. Was Anna guilty? Discuss.
  5. Which character was your favourite? Discuss.
  6. Was the villain believable? Discuss.
  7. Did Anna handle what happened initially well, or was she running away from it?