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You find yourself sitting around with your book group, but no one got around to reading the book this month, because, well, sometimes time gets away from you. Instead of cancelling, you find Never have I ever book edition, read the questions out and learn what kind of readers you have in your book group.

To play …

Read out the questions.

Score one point for everything you have ever...

The person who scores the most points chooses next month’s read.

Never have I ever…

  1. Cried over something that happened to a character in a book I was reading
  2. Hoped the villain would win 
  3. Had a crush on a fictional character 
  4. Hated a book 
  5. Stopped reading a book without finishing it 
  6. Read a series out of its chronological order 
  7. Loved a book so much I couldn’t stop talking about it
  8. Mourned a character that died 
  9. Read fan fiction including head cannons / alt universe 
  10. Bought another book from an author because I loved the one I just finished
  11. Read a book more than once 
  12. Stayed up until 3 am or later to find out what happens 
  13. Finished an entire series 
  14. Been annoyed at someone because they remind me of a character I hate
  15. Yelled out loud because I spilled something on my book

Never have I ever – Scoring

1-5 | Like books

6-10| Love books

11-15 | Live for books

What kind of reader are you?  

The impassioned reader 

The impassioned reader reads to feel what the characters feel in the book. They will usually score high on the character questions, and have almost certainly cried over something that happened to a character, or had a crush on a character. They might be the one who supplies tissues when things get a little emotional.  

The ruthless reader 

Then there’s the ruthless reader. They probably read a good mix of fiction and non-fiction, and are likely to turn up to the book club some weeks claiming to have number fived (stopped reading a book without finishing it) because of .. well, because of number four on the list (yep, they hated it enough to put it down). This kind of reader will only finish books that really engage them, but chances are, they have good, honest recommendations when it comes to choosing the next book. 

The immersive reader 

Immersive readers like to disappear in a book, and often experience the world of the characters. You will probably find these readers are the series finishers who go on to read fan fiction and will discuss head cannons with their reading group, just to test what everyone thinks.     

The social reader 

The social reader loves clubs in general and enjoys a good chat. They are usually the first one to start the conversation, and the first to drift off topic. The social reader will let you know if they’ve really liked a book, because, yep.. number seven – they won’t stop talking about it. This kind of reader can bring a great vibe to a book club and will probably want to read the latest movie adaptation before inviting everyone out to go see it.  

The clueless reader 

The clueless reader joins the club and reads the books but never seems to have any idea what’s going on .. usually because of question six, or persevered with a book, working around the spilled something in question fifteen.