by T.M. Logan

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4 mugs – yep, we were up all night to find out what happened!


‘She was with someone. a man, talking in animated fashion. Something made me stop. I knew the guy she was talking to…’

What is Lies about?

Joe Lynch trusts his wife.

He is content with their family, their relationship with each other and their son, William.

Then he sees Mel’s car in traffic, heading in the wrong direction.

He decides to follow her and discovers:

  1. Mel is going to a hotel
  2. She is meeting with Ben, a friend of theirs
  3. Ben looks angry with Mel, and Joe sees them arguing

The possibilities start playing out in Joe’s mind. Why would Mel and Ben be meeting secretly at a hotel?

Joe confronts Ben at the hotel and Ben falls and hits his head during their altercation, but Joe’s son is having an asthma attack and he doesn’t stick around to make sure Ben is ok.

When he discusses it with Mel, she has a plausible reason for meeting with Ben, and Joe believes her. Except Ben is missing, and it doesn’t look good for Joe.

Then Joe gets a message and he begins questioning everything Mel has told him, because how do you trust a liar?


Who will like Lies?

You’ll want to keep reading to find out how Joe is going to get his life back on track as he starts unravelling. Joe is relatable as a person and as a dad who just wants the best for his son.

If you like a good moral dilemma suspense, this one is for you.

The Book Reviewery’s views

The huge twist makes you stop and take stock of what has happened so far, and just when you think you know what is happening, it hits you again as the story turns in another direction keeping the pace the whole way through to the last page.

The title kept me wondering – even at the end – what is a lie and what isn’t?