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Book Review

It ends with her

by Brianna Labuskes

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‘It had been more than a year since the bastard had first started contacting them with his mocking Polaroids and pretty postcards of unfamiliar places they grew to know too well, and they still hadn’t gotten the drop on him.’

What is It ends with her about?

FBI agent Clarke Sinclair is in the race of her life, hunting serial killer Simon Cross before he claims his next victim. Time is running out to save the next girl, but to beat him at his own game, Clarke will have to forget the rules and trust her instincts – even if it means confronting her past. Even if it means thinking like a killer.

Told from three different POV’s, it soon becomes clear how each of these women’s lives are affected by Simon Cross – Clarke, as she tries to catch him, Bess, as his potential next victim and Adelaide, a face from Simon’s past.

Who will like ‘It ends with her’?

It ends with her is one for fans of thrillers focusing on FBI agents and psychological crime thrillers.

Our views

In its element, It ends with her is a police procedural told from the perspective of the agents trying to catch a killer, using a third person perspective to show the agents – warts and all.

The book is told in both the past and present, which reads well to give backstory and provide motive for Simon’s personality. Throughout the book, it felt like further development of the tension between Clarke and Simon would have made this a slightly more compelling read and driven the story with more urgency. Some of Clarke’s actions didn’t seem to fit her professional position and she was inherently selfish in her pursuit, which prevented her from thinking through her actions rationally and therefore doing her job with more professionalism. Overall, a good read.