Shadowy trees above give way to an overcast sky.

by Shari Lapena

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It’s 4 mugs of brewed, caffeinated goodness from the Book Reviewery – you’ll want to keep reading An Unwanted Guest to find out what happens.


Finally, she slips uneasily towards sleep. As she drifts off, she thinks she hears a scream, somewhere far away.’

What is ‘An unwanted guest’ about?

Mitchell’s Inn is snowed in. No phone reception. No access to the outside world until the storm clears.

When a body is found at the bottom of the stairs – seemingly the victim of an accident – she is covered her with a sheet while the guests try to wait out the storm.

Except, the occupants soon realise that maybe it wasn’t an accident. Maybe she is the first and until the snow is cleared, they are stuck inside the hotel, unsure whether they can trust each other, wary of who might be lurking uninvited within the secluded retreat.

Who will like ‘An unwanted guest’? 

Fans of Domestic Noir will devour this.

My views

This is a layered, suspenseful thriller that leaves the best twist until just after you think you’ve figured it out, as the characters stories and possible motivations unfold. As it’s revealed why each guest is at the Mitchell’s Inn, I found myself playing sleuth, trying to find the killer before the next murder.