Family snap with a fence backdrop

by Jennifer Lane

Family snap with a fence backdrop

Clan Destine Press (2018)

A four mug read


.. one hot December morning, I wandered into the kitchen, still rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, to discover that my world had been turned upside down…

What is All Our Secrets about?

All our Secrets follows 11-year-old-Gracie as her town is ripped apart when a child, Nigel, goes missing. As Gracie navigates preadolescence and the thin fabric of a community filled with mistrust in the wake of the disappearance, she learns more than she bargained for. Rumours begin to circulate about a potential serial killer, and lines are divided between the ‘believers’ – a group of people drawn to the town by a religious sighting – and Coongahoola locals.

As Gracie begins uncovering the secrets of the residents of Coongahoola, she realises that she might just know who the killer is.

Who will like All Our Secrets?

Fans of cozy mysteries will enjoy All Our Secret’s unique take on crime in a small town as an unsuspecting Gracie Barrett navigates a crime within her community.

What did The Book Reviewery think of All Our Secrets?

What a read! Gracie Barrett’s strong voice offered unique insight into the repercussions of a life-changing crime in a small town. An honest and authentic depiction of what was happening in Gracie’s world made us smile at her victories, feel her embarrassment during the awkward moments she faced, and ultimately rally with her as she braved uncertainty.

All Our Secrets left us guessing who the killer was until the very end, with a cleverly revealed twist – you’ll want to read this with someone just to find out if they figured out who it was.

We were a bit sad to see the final pages and leave Gracie’s world!